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Specific heat : solids and liquids

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    I am having a lot of trouble with these types of problems.. this one is on a homework assignment and i dont know where to begin.
    heres the problem :
    The sepcific heat of lead is 31.0 calories per kilogram per Celsius degree. (a) Find the heat necessary to raise the temperature of 1.30 kg of lead from 23.0 degrees Celsius to its melting point, 327.3 C. (b) Find the heat necessary for the phase change from solid to liquid. The heat of fusion for lead is 24.5 x 10^3 joules per kilogram.
    Any help is great.
    Thanks in advanced
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    Tom Mattson

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    What equation do you have that relates heat, specific heat, and temperature change?

    What equation do you have that relates heat, heat of fusion (aka latent heat of fusion) and mass?
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    i feel so stupid.. these problems are quite easy once i looked at it again.. all i gotta do is use m C delta T and im good 2 go.
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