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Aerospace Spinning propeller cause a plan to yaw while it is taxiing?

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    Hi Everyone,

    There is something I am having trouble I am understanding. Why does a spinning propeller cause a plan to yaw while it is taxiing?

    Also, how does the flow behind a propeller effect the performance of the control surfaces on the tail? Does it have any effect? Because the flow from a propeller is not straight so I would imagine it effects the aircraft somehow.
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    Re: Propellers

    Good link, Fred.

    The primary cause while taxiing involves propellor wash.

    P-factor isn't a concern for tri-gear, and only a concern for taildraggers when the power's in and the forward velocity is fast enough to matter, a situation rarely encountered during taxi operations. Torque is a non-factor as the main gear simply torques back.
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