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Spring has sprung

  1. Mar 29, 2008 #1
    As you may know, there is an infestation of Cherry trees around the tidal basin in Washington, DC. My wife and I, at taxpayer expense, took a junket down there to see for ourselves. It turns out that in 1912, a Japanese outsourcer offered these trees at a price so low that American manufacturers of Japanese Cherry trees simply could not compete and now all of them are out of business. This was just the first shot in the war that has led us to the current situation where Canadians can't get the jobs that Mexicans won't take producing attractively priced Japanese imports. As a result, these jobs have all gone to China. If I understand what Lou Dobbs is telling us, I am the only person left in the United States who still has to go to work. Now that's unfair trade.

    Here is a picture of one of the blossoms.
    http://www.erratapage.com/images/Blossom.pdf" [Broken]
    The handsome young man is me. I know there is no evidence of it, but I am actually smiling in that picture. The blossom is my wife. You guys all complain about cheap Chinese imports, but how come mine is so expensive? The trees are Cherries.

    If you are considering a trip to Washington, now is the time. You have about a week before the Cherry blizzard begins. That's when all the blossoms fall like junk bonds in the middle of a subprime crisis. Take some pictures and post them.
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    Great picture of you and your lovely wife!!!

    I was in DC this time of year in 2006.

    The trees here have not shown any signs of budding yet, too cold.
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    Nice photo jimmy! Nice couple.

    We've had a few flowers (crocuses and irises) bloom and the leaf buds on the maple tree opened yesterday. Something ate the flowers though - squirrels? deer? They're not supposed eat the ones the ate. :rolleyes:

    We're supposed to have a low temperature of 15°F (-9.4°C) tonight! Right now it's 24°F (-4.4°C). So much for the first spring flowers.
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    Impressive. Near my hometown of Warner Robins, GA is Macon. There's a week long festival when the cherry blossoms bloom in the spring, usually the first week of April. Unfortunatly, I haven't been able to go these past few years.

    There are a few on Georgia Tech's campus as well. It's nice to sit in the library and look out at them.
  7. Apr 1, 2008 #6
    March winds saved themselfs for the very last day. 50mph gusts took down about half my sugar maple tree, which luckly missed the shed, but took out my fire pit and smashed some of the brick work around it. Sap is running in a small river from the area where the tree broke, and the dog is playing in it.
    So after working from 4 am till 1, then cutting up most of the mess, and sorting branches, I'm wondering if I bath my dog in hot water will she turn into syrup?
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    Spring started about a week ago here when I started sweating my arse off here in Florida. Oh how unpleasant it gets all of a sudden.
    What a coincidence. Last time I was on 75 I stopped at the steak & shake in that town to get some grub :p. Ok that's not really a concidence but out of all the cities along 75 from FL to Ohio I happen to remember that one.
    Good to know seasons matter somewhere! I'm excited about experiencing all 4 seasons when I move there this fall.
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    You do realize, I suppose, that taxpayers are reading this? :rolleyes:

    Damned nice blossom you have there, by the bye.
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    Thank you. Why shouldn't they read? A taxpayer wrote it.
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    Sniffle, drip, sneeze, itch-itch-itch-itch....

    Spring is here, so is my hayfever. I've maxed out on the number of allergy pills I can safely take. No help - Birch trees are kicking my butt today.

    OK I'll stop complaining....

    Oh wait, one more - my head aches.

    OK NOW I'll stop complaining.
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    Yep, spring has sprung...I can't find anyone I need to talk to in the building today...all the offices are closed up already. I think the whole campus just decided to leave early to enjoy the sunshine.
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    Cold and raining here.
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    Wet and minus 5 here, and this is summmmmer?
  15. Apr 10, 2008 #14
    We've had some nice Spring days, but not many. Mostly it's been rainy, cloudy, and locally cool. Today though, is one of those rare gorgeous days you only get in June. Spring is here in all of its non-violent fury. The birds are calling out rude remarks to the young ladies passing by like construction workers. And the females respond with "If you're looking for me, here I am." They would be batting their eyelashes if they had any left. They lost them all when they were curling them and were surprised by a worm. And me without a shotgun.
  16. Apr 10, 2008 #15
    There's a 30 foot magnolia growing right next to the house that spreads out like a huge umbrella. From this time of the year all the way through fall, it gives off a fragrance, more at different times, all the way through, and even after, when the leaves drop. In about a week, the whole tree will be a whitish-pink with its huge blossoms, if a frost doesn't get it.

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