Starting My Project: A Hydrolic Spider/Walker Machine

In summary, the speaker is looking for a forum to get help with their new project of creating a hydraulic spider or walker machine. They have a background in maintenance fitting and engineering patternmaking and have been thinking about this project for a while. They are now in the planning stage and have a good budget for the project. They are aware that creating a spider walker is a difficult task and are open to advice on engineering design, math, electronics, and programming, but they do not expect anyone to do the work for them.
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hey guys I've been thinking of starting a new project so i was looking for a forum that i might be able to get some help with it... this forum looks bit out of my leage but i didnt find any thing elce more low key lol...

well my back ground is a mantance fitter and turner. and i have done a 2nd traid as a engineering patternmaker.

what I've been thinking of making hydrolic spider or walker machine... its been an ich in my head for a while but I've never really done much about it. so now I am going to do some thing about it...

hear is a bit of insperation i had to get me to start the project...

so now I am starting the planing stage and start the drawings might be a bit of a long term progect but i have a good bodget so this should go smothly
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Spider walkers are difficult machines to make. They take a lot of designing and work to get right.

It depends how confident you are in engineering design and related maths along with electronics and programming.

Now, so far as your OP goes, what exactly do you want people here to do? You just told us what you want to do and didn't ask for any from us.

I'd point out that no one here will do any of the work for you.

What is a hydraulic spider/walker machine?

A hydraulic spider/walker machine is a type of mechanical device that uses hydraulic power to move and walk. It is inspired by the movement of spiders and can be used for various purposes such as exploration, transportation, and construction.

What are the components of a hydraulic spider/walker machine?

The main components of a hydraulic spider/walker machine include a hydraulic system, mechanical legs, a control system, and a power source. The hydraulic system uses pressurized fluid to generate force and control the movement of the legs. The mechanical legs mimic the movement of spider legs and allow the machine to walk. The control system regulates the flow of hydraulic fluid and coordinates the movement of the legs. And the power source provides the energy needed to operate the machine.

What are the benefits of using a hydraulic spider/walker machine?

There are several benefits of using a hydraulic spider/walker machine. Firstly, it can navigate through rough and uneven terrain, making it suitable for various environments. Secondly, it is powered by hydraulic fluid, which is more efficient and environmentally friendly compared to traditional fossil fuels. Thirdly, it can carry heavy loads and perform tasks that would be difficult for humans to do manually. Lastly, it has a compact and versatile design, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

What are the challenges of building a hydraulic spider/walker machine?

Building a hydraulic spider/walker machine can be a complex and challenging task. One of the main challenges is designing a reliable and efficient hydraulic system. The hydraulic system needs to be able to handle high pressures and control the movement of the legs accurately. Another challenge is constructing the mechanical legs, which need to be strong, flexible, and lightweight. Additionally, integrating and coordinating the different components of the machine can also be a challenge.

What are some potential applications of a hydraulic spider/walker machine?

A hydraulic spider/walker machine has various potential applications. It can be used for exploration in areas that are difficult for humans to access, such as caves or disaster zones. It can also be used for transportation in rough terrain or industrial settings. Another potential application is in construction, where it can assist in tasks such as lifting heavy materials or performing precise movements. Additionally, it can be used for military and defense purposes, such as reconnaissance or carrying supplies in remote areas.

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