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Starting Out in Physics

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    Hello. Well, when I was younger I avoided enagement in the study of mathematics and physics, pursuing other schools of thought outside of the physical sciences. Recently however, I've noticed that all of my acquired knowledge from various disciplines have been conglomerating, and interconnecting into each other. This process has made me realize just how much I am missing. I'm at the stage where I feel it is time to get a good grasp on physics. My first problem is: my math was never great, and I haven't studied any math at all in years. My second problem: I've never studied physics as a disicipline itself in high school. It's pretty embarassing really, but I am interested in starting through self-study and then maybe getting involved in a formal course of some sort in the future. Can anyone point me in the direction where I can get a nice start on math and physics? Thanks.
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    Hi Leviathan, you can read http://www.glenbrook.k12.il.us/gbssci/phys/Class/BBoard.html#1dkin [Broken]. That should hopefully get you started. They use really simple language. You should really get a hold on math though. Unfortunately I dont know of any math links. My signature also has a link "Video Physics", its 30 mins physics videos. But they use a little calculus unfortunately.
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    With the internet, it's pretty easy to start picking up where you last left off.. (education wise)
    Take a look at Lamar University's Math Tutorial Page -> http://tutorial.math.lamar.edu
    It has a full review starting from Algebra, and ending at Calculus III/Differential Equations/Linear Algebra.
    The math isn't too bad, there are tons of examples and the tutorials are easy to learn from.
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    Thank you. I'm very gracious for both the physics and math page. Hopefully by summer I can contribute something worthy. Once again, thank you.
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