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Homework Help: Stat question

  1. Feb 24, 2005 #1
    Please Help- A problem in statistical mechanics

    In a gas at STP, let p(r)dr be the probability that an atom has a nearest neighbor between distances r and r+dr. Find p(r).

    I am struggling with this question. For STP I can find the particle density. But where do I go from there? Do I need to think of a volume of space between r+dr and r?
    I am very confused.
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    What's STP...?And what's the shape of the box...?(I'm assuming the gas to be contained in a finite volume box).

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    This is exactly how the problem is stated.

    STP means "standard pressure and temperature" P=1 atm and T=273.15 K
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    I still have no clue, anyone willing to help please?
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