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News State Department Protests Televangelist's Remark

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    http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&cid=573&ncid=757&e=9&u=/nm/20031010/od_nm/people_robertson_dc [Broken]

    This is exactly the kind of crap I've been talking about. How can a person who speaks of blowing up government buildings be allowed to walk the streets? I know we have freedom of speech, but this seems borderline terrorist plot.

    The evangelist says he came to this conclusion after reading a guys book. The funny thing is the guy who wrote it had not thoughts of blowing up the state department and never implied such action.

    My question is, why are people so hell bent on destruction? I thought evangelist were supposed to be speaking about neighbor loving,... er. love thy neighbor and stuff.

    This seemed like the right place since it was a threat to a government organization, but if not it won't hurt my feelings if you move it, I can see how it could easily fall off topic.

    Shouldn't some kind of legal action be taking place?
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    Robertson is a half-wit.

    If he were an Islamic cleric, he'd be cooling his heels in camp X-Ray right now. If the administration were serious about crushing everyone's civil liberties, and not just the civil liberties of muslims, that's where Robertson should be sent.

    So, how about it Ashcroft? Chicken?
  4. Oct 11, 2003 #3
    This is the way of the world...if you are a white Christian right-wing nutjob, or a reasonable facsimile of one, you can make any threats you like, and be hailed by your fellow right-wing nutjobs. Remember folks; saying that Bush is a crappy president is bad, saying that you want to blow up people who disagree with the right-wing is ok.
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    I'm hoping that one of these remarks would finally make the Bush administration take the threat of domestic fundamentalism seriously.
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    What, you mean instead of trying to funnel all our money to f***ing churches?
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    exactly, he does take it seriously; he is their biggist supporter.
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    Why would he? He's a fundamentalist himself.
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    Shhhhh...telling the truth about Bush is un-American!
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    Do you guys even think about the implications of what you are saying? Bush advocates domestic terrorism? Uh, sure...

    Or are you guys in the 9/11 conspiracy theory camp?
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    Well, I dunno about lil bush supporting the nuts views, but if he is providing the organization with money, for whatever purposes, it doesn't seem right.

    To me it is a signal that we've got serious problems in our own borders that need attention. For some reason I have a feeling if I got on a public forum and spoke about blowing up my local courthouse or something, I'd get in trouble. And like you mention, if it was an islamic person, we'd probably have the army after them.

    It still seems like making threats of mass destruction, especially on american soil, should rank right up there with treason.

    And how about this view of dropping a nuke to solve the problems with a corrupt government? The fool hasn't even thought about the long term effects, or worse yet, knows about them and doesn't care. That attitude is expressed best by a bumper sticker I read:

    Forget about saving the world
    Save your soul. The world will burn.
    What about you?

    So with that attitude implied, we can just go nuke everyone/thing we don't like or is corrupt, and not worry about the consequences. And what really gets me is people keep coming back to this nonsense.
  12. Oct 12, 2003 #11
    If this guy were a normal citizen and not a celebrity, he'd be cooling off in some jail cell right now, and contemplating the federal charges pending against him. You don't threaten the us government without the FBI CIA and every other agency visiting your doorstep. Pat is right up there with jimmy baker. What a jackass.
  13. Oct 12, 2003 #12
    No, what we are saying is that if the threat comes from his base, this administration isn't going to actively pursue it.
  14. Oct 12, 2003 #13
    Actually, he might still be ok, because he isn't Muslim.
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