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State Machine Diagram for a Telephone?

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    Hi, I'm not from Software Engineering background and I'm trying to learn State Machine Diagrams on my own by looking at resources on the internet.

    I'm trying to come up with a State Machine Diagram for a telephone but I can't seem to find an answer on the internet. Can you help me by telling me how should a state diagram for a telephone looks like?

    Thank you!!
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    First list the possible states for a telephone. For example:
    1) Idle and on hook
    2) Idle and off hook
    3) Dial tone
    4) Dialing
    5) Connecting
    6) On hook and Ringing
    7) Connected
    8) Announcing Busy
    9) Announcing Off hook

    Now draw a bubble for each one and describe what events cause a transition from one of those states to another.

    For example:
    (Idle and off hook) -> Phone carrier connection -> (Dial tone)
    (IDial tone) -> User operating dial -> (Dialing)
    (Dialing) -> Phone carrier recognizes dialed number -> (Connecting)
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    'State Machine' also known as 'Finite State Automaton', is a directed Graph of 'States' and 'Transitions' between 'States'.

    it has 'Initial State' & 'End State'.

    'End state' might be reachable or not.
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