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Static Electricity

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    Hi. not being expert in this field, I have a question about static electricity. I have seen balloons stuck to hair by rubbing them. If I wanted to create a (pocket held) electronic devise to create that charge on the body, so a balloon can be attached without rubbing, how would it be done. And similarly, can a hand held or pocket held make a charge , to prevent a balloon being stuck onto body, and how would such device be made?.


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    While I don't know how effective it would be, there are industrial static removers used for cleaning. They're called ionizing air guns. They shoot out a bunch of ionized air at the target which is supposed to help remove charge and electrically attracted debris.

    They're quite expensive and are often used in clean rooms to prevent build up of charge on sensitive machinery. Any effect, if present, on the balloon would be only temporary anyway.
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    Thanks for the reply, Fed. I am actually looking for a electronic device to do this. Something that one could attach to their body, and it will either repel or attract items. Thanks
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    Do you want to charge up your whole body?
    There are small battery powered high voltage generators that can produce up to 20kV.
    You can either build one or buy one. I once saw one for 20$ on ebay.
    But you can only charge yourself when you are insulated from ground. So you either have to stay at a place where the ground is insulating, which can be difficult, or wear special shoes with insulating soles.
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    If you want a very dramatic effect, a Van de Graaff would be great.
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