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Static equilibirum, elasticity, fracture problem

  1. Nov 9, 2009 #1
    1. A 19.0 kg ball is supported from the ceiling by rope A. Rope B pulls downward and to the side on the ball. If the angle of A to the vertical is 22 degrees and if B makes an angle of 53 degrees to the vertical find the tension in rope A and then find the tension in rope B

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    Can you list the forces present?
    Please show your attempt.
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    yeah the forces present are the weight of the ball (19.0 kg) and the tensions in both ropes i tried to work out the tension in rope A by looking at its tension as a vector with both an X and Y components and used that to make a triangle out of the tension in. I figured the y would be equal to the weight of the ball which would be (19kg)(9.81) and the hypotenuse would work out to be cos(22 degrees)= (19kg)(9.81)/tension or TensionA= (19kg)(9.81)/cos(22degrees) and the same thing for Rope B and im not sure where i went wrong
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