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Statistical oods and exisitance

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    Trying to make sense of the odds that I (or you) exist, from what I read people say its basically 0, which doesnt make sense to me since im here after a short ~14 billion years of our universe existing.
    Given IF the universe and time are infinite, my odds of existing again, no matter how small, over infinite time, as some conscious thing, should become very high?

    thanks for help
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    I guess you mean apriori? Sure, the specific chain of events following from the Big Bang which led to your existence is only one possible history of many, and at the beginning of time it would have been safe to bet that you would not exist now.

    But it is like the lottery; someone has to win (some (itself improbable) history or another has to occur). And thanks to selection bias you aren't going to observe any universe in which this magical chain of events did not occur.

    And sure, if there is a multiverse then a being identical to yourself may one day spawn into being once more, given infinite time.
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    Stephen Tashi

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    Nietzsche thought so, but that's philosophy. The odds of physical event are a question of Physics. If you want to assume an imaginary series of independent trials with a constant of probability of success, we could discuss a mathematical problem.
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