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Step and Impulse Responses in RC Circuits

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    Hello very body
    i got confused understanding how we can get the derivative of V(t) equal to Hv(t) :

    V= (1/R) e^(-t/RC) U(t) its derivative V' = Hv(t) = -(1/R²C)e^(-T/RC) U(t) +(1/R)&(t)
    where : U(t) is the unite step fonction and &(t) is the delta fonction
    please some help
    thanks for your time
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    So here we are again with another instance of convention. The result is the application of the product rule. If this is enough for you don't read the rest. But the delta function is a tricky business.

    You take the unit step function and it's derivative is the delta function. But the delta function is not even a function rather a distribution or a generalized function. You can memorize this shortcut but always keep in mind that there is a whole another story running behind.
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