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Struggle with identifying my material

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    my friends, i am struggling wit the identifying of my material.My material is the spring of the suspension of bicycle,material is steel but how .I am sending some photos ,please help me this is my final project

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    Simon Bridge

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    Seems you have already identified the material. You have identified it as "steel".
    In order to help you we need to know in what way this is not good enough ... i.e. do you need to know what grade of steel it is?
    What are your constraints? I see a bunch of photos - are you supposed to identify the material by sight alone?
    What are the details of how the photos were taken? i.e. what is the magnification and lighting? How was the material sample obtained and prepared?
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    Have you tried putting a file to it? A spring would normally be a plain medium to high carbon steel.

    You can also touch the metal on a bench grinding wheel and observe the sparks. I'm not expert on interpretation but there is plenty of information available on the internet.

    Most scrap merchants these days have portable analysers if you're worried about it being an alloy steel; ask a favour.

    IF, and it's a big IF, your images are of a polished and etched section the microstructure is consistent with a plain, hypereutectoid steel but I would need more information on your images to give you information on which you could act
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