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What is the shear modulus of viton material?

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    i am new to rubber components , now i am developing a bladder for pulsation dampener, so for that i need to check the spring rate or elasticity of viton material and to determine the thickness for the bladder, I am struggling a lot to find the shear modulus of rubber, if have this valve i have basic formula to find out the thickness and deflection. So i request all the experts present in this group to help me out to get this shear modulus value of viton.

    Thanking you in advance.

    with regards,

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    DuPont has 20+ data sheets on their website for the various Viton formulations, have you checked those?
    Otherwise, you could try calling DuPont.
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    Thanks for your reply Mr. Billy , i tried that website , but they have given tensile strength but not the shear modulus. Is there any formula to calculate that shear modulus?
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