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Study Physics instead of Electrical Engineering?

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    When going college for the first time, I thought about becoming an electrical engineer. As time passed by, I began to notice electrical engineering was primarily based on physics. I have thought about going back into electrical engineering for the longest time, but I don't if it would be more wise to study physics.

    From my understanding, electrical engineering is a simplied form of physics that relate to electrical engineering. A person could study physics that relate to EE and do essentially what an EE can do. Is that right?

    Would I be able to study physics instead of electrical engineering and do the same thing as the EE?
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    It seems you and I are in the same boat...
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    I very highly doubt it. Even electrophysics subareas in electrical engineering study vastly different topics than pure physicists. Add on to that topics such as computer engineering, communication theory, and controls theory which really have nothing more to do with physics than to math or any other field of engineering.

    I think it is because electrical engineers have to have significant prerequisite knowledge in physics in order to go into the more advanced areas of EE. I would not think ee is a "simplified" version of physics...
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