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Stupidest ways you have been injured?

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    remember hearing a story about a footballer who dropped a can of links on his foot and ruled him out for several weeks so just wondering what are the strangest/funniest ways you have been injured

    for me it has to be either getting stabbed with a pencil in high school causing a blood stain to my shirt or when i rtried to walk under a big road sign and i hit my head and caused a cut to my head.
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    When I was a boat owner, my favorite method of injury seemed to be lifting my head while contorted upside down in the engine room between a pair of Detroit Diesels and whacking my forehead on one of the engines. Later in life when I was on an aspirin regime, I would compound that by bleeding forever, making a mess, and getting thoroughly annoyed.

    When I was much younger, in my teens my, spear fishing buddy managed to shoot himself in the palm of his hand with a spear gun, just under the skin. We got a high speed ride in a police car to an ER and on the way blew a tire whereupon another police car was called and took us the rest of the way. No permanent damage to the guys hand. I don't remember spearing any fish that time; we got distracted. To his credit, he never did faint but holding that 30" spear steady with his other hand and getting in and out of police cruisers was not easy.

    And about three years ago while building a roof over the front stoop of my home, my scaffolding collapsed, [couple screw fasteners pulled out] my ladder went down with it and me aboard and my left side ribs landed on the edge of the fallen ladder down on the lawn. Bruises, minor cuts, could not stand because I had the wind knocked out of me. Wife came out and helped me up to a sitting position. She heard the racket. I went back to work maybe ten minutes later while my wife hollered at me. But I did learn why a kick to to liver in mixed martial arts can put you down on the mat! And that roof came out just great.

    Despite what you may think, I have not broken any bones.....yet.
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    1. Waving a knife as if I was some sort of ninja almost cut my index finger. Gracefully the bone stopped the knife from cutting all the way through.
    2. Stabbing my hand with a pencil as a kid (about 4 years old) because I was so exited to see my aunt I did not know how to express it and out of impulse I stabbed my hand with the pencil I had in my other hand. Very bloody.
    Me neither. I've never had a broken bone. I wonder if it really hurts as people say or if they are all just cry babies. :confused:
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    Using my left hand to support the base of a circular saw. By shear dumb look, just nicked the end of my middle finger. Could as easily have cut off several fingers!
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    Is that a phonetic spelling?
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    Wow! That was dangerous. :nb)
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