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Courses Style of learning course material

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    I was wondering how you guys read from a book. Let me be clearer.

    When reading a paragraph in a book, do you read very slowly with full concentration until you understand every fact in that segment and make relevant notes, or do you read the material a few times, understand all (or most) of it, don't re-read it to look for any items you might have missed and move on?

    I mean are you very careful when absorbing new material or do you treat the process reluctantly in the belief that if you have missed any information then that does not really matter as you will know the key stuff anyway from your future studies of the topic.

    Please reply!!!
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    Often, you don't understand everything the first time. You might have to read it again or look at other books.
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    I'd say that it isn't optimal to do each sentence in order, since then you are just following the constructed path of the book. It is better to do it your own way and to do that you need to get some perspective on the material, skimming is great for that. Everyone learns differently.
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    I understand that I do have to look at other books as well sometimes, but what I mean is whether you would, after understanding the material pretty well, still read the material a couple of times again, in case you have missed out an important point or would you leave that to chance.
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    I can't honestly say that I have ever read any section of any textbook in its entirety. I scan pages for theorems, definitions, propositions, and I make note of those things. I then memorize my notes and do questions.
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    And does that give you the exam results you want?
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    It works for me...
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