Subquantum Field Theory & Field Model of Electron

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Judge yourself. The unified field is a Faraday–Maxwell field. Maxwell–Lorentz equations (ML-equations) for potentials in standard four-dimensional form are satisfied precisely. This is achieved by involving new subquantum fundamental field sources, strict definition of which requires higher dimensionality. Subquantum charged currents in the right side of ML-equation correspond to virtual vacuum currents QED but are determined independently...

All particles and fields – they are just visible exhibitions of interaction between the field and its sources! [Broken]

Göttingen's Tragedy as Choice of History

Born did not manage to find something more convincing then an atomistic instinct of so wide a range of experimenters, the instinct guarding the immunity of static pattern of electron and rejecting strongly a certain liquid of Levi-Civita (and Minkowski)... [Broken]

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Hello Alexander!
I had read the first eight articles of yours paradigm.
I think, that the theme of interaction of particles and fields for a long time turned into a headache for physicists. I actively was engaged for this theme per 70-s' and 80-s' years and had come to the conclusion, that without understanding of an essence of time and space, zero and perpetuity the theorists are hardly reached of successes.
Now I am engaged in the practical tasks. I try to understand structure of space in atoms and particles with the help of my polytronic model. The polytron is a ring of linear energy, which can vibrate with strictly installed frequencies.
Your current lines is practically the same.
I think, that our ideas are rather close.
Please, look at one my small calculation and express your opinion.
Vladimir [Broken]
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