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Suggestions for Physics Programs in Southwest Ohio.

  1. Aug 21, 2013 #1
    Hi, can anyone tell me about the quality of undergraduate physics programs at the following

    Wright State University. (Dayton Ohio)
    Miami University Oxford.
    University of Cincinnati.

    To give a little background info I am over 40 and going to college for the first time.
    I wish to study physics but am uncertain about where to go.

    Wright State is the institution I know the least about, I know it has a lot of non traditional students
    like myself but am not sure on the quality of it's physics program.

    Also what should one look for in a physics program?

    Before anyone mentions The Ohio State University it is not on my list because of distance.
    I will have to commute and it is just a little to far away.
    Also when I think of OSU I think of graduate school and not udergrad.

    Thanks in advance for any help.
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  3. Aug 21, 2013 #2
    Personally, speaking as an unemployed physicist in Ohio, if you are looking for employment in the area after the degree, I'd look into whichever department works the most with Wright AFB. Having those connections could be useful. From job postings I've seen over the year, I want to say that's Wright State, but I could be wrong. Or if any of the schools have other connections to local industry.

    As far as what to look for, generally I think it's a good idea to look at the number of profs in the department, how many are active in research, how many students each department has, and then what kind of opportunities for research and other activities there are. Generally I think that departments with more active professors with more students are a safer bet than the ones with only a few profs and/or students.

    That being said, I just checked out all three programs online briefly (so take with a huge grain of salt). None of the departments looks too small or anything. Univ. of Cincinnati looks like the weakest program in terms of course offerings if only because it doesn't seem to offer Thermodynamics or Statistical Mechanics and only one required semester of Quantum. It's hard to tell much more than that from just course titles though. Wright State gives you two semesters of Quantum for the B.S. degree, while Miami only offers Intro to Quantum for one semester unless I'm missing something. It's hard to know though what they are actually covering in those courses, so don't read too much into it.

    It's quite possible all three programs will give you an equally good education if you apply yourself hard.

    In your case, catering to non traditional students is also something I'd look into. I'd also really try to visit all three and talk to someone in the department to get their advice (and for you to see which you like the most).



    http://www.muphysics.org/undergraduate/undergraduate-programs/curricula/bs [Broken]
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  4. Aug 22, 2013 #3
    thanks for the advice, I plan on visiting the schools sometime this year. Right now I'm leaning towards Wright State.

    Also good luck in finding a job in Physics.
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