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Super conducting magnets

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    Hi gang,
    Here is an easy one but nevertheless requires formula to express your postion.

    in terms of magnetic propulsion;

    I am building a tunnel with r=5cm and a sphere inserted will be approx 8cm diameter which will be propelled via electro magnetic propulsion. I'm now about to evaluate the effectivness of materials and magnets to facilitate acceleration to 16 m/s.
    My question here is what equations are required to know the resistance of the elctromagnetic field. I.E if velocity is 10m/s and its radius is 5m with a sphere mas of 300Kg approx then what type and charge is required for the electromagnet to both maintain levitation and also another for propulsion but most important is to resist the sphere from tounching the outeredge as it will want to do. Or where can i get further information to allow a clearer understanding of the mathematics required.
    Sorry if confusing
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    A picture will be useful. You can draw up a simple figure using Paint (or some such program) and add it as an attachment.
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