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Supplementary Physics Programs/Internships for High School Students

  1. Nov 18, 2012 #1

    I am writing on behalf of two students of mine at Northside College Preparatory High School where I teach A.P. Physics to about 30 children every semester.

    Recently, I've had two very dedicated students approach me with questions of how to supplement their physics with options outside of the classroom.

    They've asked whether I knew of any physics internships, programs, workshops, classes, etc... that they would be able to take to take either during the summer or during the school year. I, having remembered myself in the very same situation, thought that most physics programs and internships were limited to existing college students and I was hesitant to answer their questions and said that I would get back to them.

    I thought of having them contact local city colleges and perhaps having them enroll in a college introductory physics course, but I wasn't sure whether or not colleges would allow that (and whether or not they would partially waive the tuition).

    Does anyone know of any physics internships or programs that could cater to very bright high school seniors in the Chicago/Chicago-land area?

    These kids are exceptionally bright and to see them actually want to pursue physics outside of the classroom really makes me delighted.

    Thank you very much,


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