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Supplying Power To A Mullard Vacuum Tube

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    How would a curious young gentleman like myself go about supplying power to a Mullard vacuum tube? I have several different types of Mullard tubes, but no idea as to how I can generate the electron beam.

    P.S. If side-effects of solution include death, injury or Hannah Montana please do not post.
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    I had a pair of Mullard EL-34 pentodes as the final push-pull stage in a big vacuum tube audio amplifier. As I recall, the plates ran so hot that they turned red. See
    http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/9/90/Mullard_el34.jpg [Broken]
    Here is a data sheet
    Max plate current, voltage is 100 mA, 250 V
    The difference between the max supply voltage and anode voltage is the cathode bias resistor IR drop from cathode to ground.
    Finally found a Mullard datasheet for EL-34:
    http://www.hifitubes.nl/weblog/wp-content/mullard-el34.pdf [Broken]

    Bob S
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