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Switch 4 wires with a Momentary switch

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    Hey guys i have no idea how i would accomplish this, im pretty sure i would made to make some sort of circuit but what i need it to be able to change where 4 wires go from a momentary switch like these.

    an example would be to change which usb port a usb cable is connected to by the push of a button.
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    Are you SPECIFICALLY trying to decouple a USB cable from one port and connect it to another? They make those. They're called KVM switches.

    If you're talking about using relays there's a lot you'd have to know. I guess the real first question is:

    "Are you actually trying to do this with USB cables?"
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    it is with usb cables yes, its only the one usb device i need though i don't want vga or anything else
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    If you're just experimenting, then you could get four relays driven by a single switch and a 9V battery. It'll be good until the 9V battery dies, and then it will go back to the mechanical default. With Radio Shack prices what they are, you're best bet would be to go 12V and just go to Autozone and buy some cheap automotive relays.

    If you're trying to make a finished product, then you could use a mechanical four-channel switch with passive peak-suppression on the 5V power channel of the USB cable. I would hesitate to give you advice on that though since I don't know all the IEEE standards for USB off the top of my head and I bet the ground-switching requirements are pretty rigid for a low-voltage device (especially flash drives).

    Sorry, not my area of expertise.
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