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Swollen, scarred gland

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    I'm going to have surgery on/for a swollen, scarred gland, (I haven't seen a specialist about it yet but I'm scheduled to see one in two weeks) Can anyone tell me whether or not that's going to suck?

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    Which gland(s) in particular are we talking about? Any surgery is not going to be a pleasant experience, but obviously some are worse, ie-more pain/recovery time, than others.
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    It also depends on the kind of surgery, whether they are going in through a small hole or actually have to make an incision.
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    I guess I should wait until I see the specialist to find out about it then
    It's in a pretty uncomfortable area, since it developed from an STD (It didn't develop from Aids or anything though)
    I'm pretty sure they have to make an incision
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    Don't be too sure, they can do a lot through tiny incisions, just wait on what the specialist will say :) I hope you'll have a speedy recovery.
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    thanks, it probably won't be that bad
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