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Tachyon refraction

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    This is pure conjecture but I was thinking about it and wanted to ask people who know more about tachyons than I do:

    In a vacuum:

    Particles with mass can only travel with v < c
    Mass-less particles can only travel with v = c
    Tachyons can only travel with v > c

    If you refract light by passing it through a medium with a refractive index > 1 it slows down. I have heard of experiments where light is slowed to virtually a complete stand still, so my question is this:

    What would happen if you can slow a tachyon down to the speed of light? Would it give up its energy and instantaneously create mass-less particles? Or does that violate the laws of physics? If it did could you use that result to detect tachyons?
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    Please give a reference to a model that predicts such a slow-down. All your questions can only be answered within such a model, there is nothing to discuss until you found such a reference. I closed the thread, feel free to send me a message if you want to discuss a specific tachyon model.
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