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Taking care of your hair

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    I thought I'd ask about this over here, since you guys are pretty knowledgeable...
    I've heard a lot about possible causes for hairloss, e.g. putting shampoo on your hair every day or even hair gel.
    Does anyone know of exactly what (other than genetics) could cause hairloss?
    I've been told by people that putting shampoo in my hair everyday stops it from growing normally (i.e. it grows at a slower rate), is this true or false?
    Also, every time I take a shower (everyday), I notice a lot of hair falls off my head; is this normal? I've been told my hair is pretty thick and I don't notice any loss.......
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    stress, medication, diet, illness

    People do shed more at certain times of year and it's normal to lose hair every day.

    False I hope you mean you're shampooing daily and not just putting soap on your head and leaving it. :tongue:
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    Yup, I do shampoo daily..... and wash it off, ofcourse. :D
    When you say stress, does any stress count? Like "OMFG EXAMS NEXT WEEK :O:O:O!!!!!!!" stress, or "I feel like I'm going to commit suicide." stress?
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    Both. Stress, among other things, increases your prolactin secretion. Most people know of this hormone as involved in lactation, but it also is a hormone involved in shedding in animals, and can lead to hair loss in people when elevated (it's the reason that luxurious hair women have during pregnancy all falls out so quickly when they are lactating).

    Skin conditions of the scalp can also lead to hairloss, as can some other endocrine disorders. But, unless you're female and starting to go bald, the endocrine disorders aren't very common causes of hairloss to worry about.

    You'll notice hair falling out more in the shower just because you're washing out the loose hairs all at once...you'd otherwise find them in the hairbrush or scattered all over the place.

    If you've just noticed an increase in hair loss, and can't attribute it to any other reasons, and aren't noticeably balding, it's probably just the same reason the rest of us are "shedding" this time of year...we're losing our summer coats. :biggrin:
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    Ah, interesting...
    Is stress hairloss permanent?
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    No, once the stress goes away, the hair will grow back. It's not much different than shedding in that respect. It shouldn't seem like it's falling out by the fistfuls or anything like that, more that your shower drain or hairbrush seems to have more hair in it than usual.
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    Ya, if the stress is permanent!
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    Yes, its shedding season here too!
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