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Homework Help: Talk about The Theory of Everything

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    I have been working on developing a site dedicated to The Theory of Everything, however I need some help running it. I am hoping to make it the place to come for resources relating to the theory of everything. I have a very nice database system and already have some great members interested in the Theory of Everything such as the physicsforums.com moderator SelfAdjoint- email me at tom@quantumninja.com if you are intersted in joining the staff or helping in some way please visit the site here


    If you have trouble joining it may becasue of the chmod permissions used for the database-- I am working adjusting these to allow all users to join, however most should be able to already, if you would like to join but are having trouble simply email me with your user info and I will create you an account.
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    I was watching the PBS speacial on the Elegant universe and I wanted your toughts on this idea. On the assumption that other universe’s exist I believe that each additional universe does not have to have the same rules as our universe. If the early universe starts off as a big bang, then any deviation from that original state will create a different universe perhaps with different laws of physics. Assuming multiple big bangs in a multi-verse what are the chances that each universe has exactly the same laws as our universe. I theorize that each additional universe in our area have similar laws but slightly different. The further you move away from our universe in a multi-verse space the more variation you will see in the laws of physics from one universe to the next. So basically if you have a universe that is many universes away from ours and you try to compare the two, you might find a universe that is completely different from our own. They gave a PBS special where they talked about a universe being like a bubble floating in this multi-verse surrounded by other bubbles.
    Assuming that our universe is like a bubble floating in this multi-verse, then I postulate that if our universe comes in contact with another universe nearby then you will get a merger of two universe’s into one universe. Also since we stated earlier that each universe is unique and has different laws of physics then the merger of these two universes would create a combination of both laws of physics changing what we now believe to be our laws to a revision based on the addition of this new universe. The colliding of two universes would create a shockwave at the point of impact creating this merger of two universes and both Laws of physics to a combination or a fluctuation in the laws of physics we see today. This merger will create a major event on our world similar to the Cambrian explosion. A change or shift in how life is represented in our planet. The Cambrian explosion could signify our universe colliding with another universe changing our laws of physics enough to jump start a whole new speciation of life on our own planet. With each addition of a universe added to our own we will continue to get slightly different rules and we would have to revise our idea of what physics is. What we see now in the laws of physics may not be the same tomorrow if another universe merges with our own again. As far as mass of a universe and laws and how they transfer based on size of a universe, I don’t know how that will play out. Similar to how biological organisms adapt to mergers and acquisitions like mitochondria our universe will adapt to an addition of our universe with another universe. Combining the effects and laws of each addition will create new and interesting interactions between our Laws. This gives the notion that our past is not only a picture of our early universe but also a view of what our universe/planet looked like when the Laws of physics where different from what they are today. This could mean that looking to our past may not give us as much information as we might think because if you change the Laws you change the outcomes as well.
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    "THE" theory of everything? Since when has there been just one?
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    what is the theory of evry thing ?
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    Thread closed.
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