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Tap Changers Transformers in parallel

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    If tap changers are on auto and the harmonics are filtered out, what would happen if the tap changers are switched to manual i.e. harmonics/noise
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    Tap changer as filter of harmonics!? how
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    Sorry should have explained, 3 transformers in parallel supplying power to 4 VSD's, if the harmonics/noise have been filtered out by adding capacitors and or tuned out at the VSD's and this was done with the tap changers on auto, what will happen if the tap changers are switch to manual? the question is really about the neutral earth harmonics
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    tap changer of which equipment? transformers,VSD or capacitor as harmonic filter ?
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    Transformers on load tap changer and relevant AVR systems is considered for RMS voltage control and preventing of circular current between parallel transformer with using of voltage and current output of transformer as feedback signals, therefore voltage or current harmonics cannot influence on its loop control. For control of neutral current harmonic you must choose suitable transformer vector groups (Dy5,7) in addition of static filters.

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