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Teachers Salaries

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    What would the average Math and/or Physics Teacher with a Bachelor of Science (double major in Math and Phys with a post grad diploma in secondary school teaching) start out earning in




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    In the US, I would say $32,000-35,000 although it could be more or less depending on the states
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    Here is a link to the New York State teachers salaries for 2006-2007 School Year: http://www.emsc.nysed.gov/irts/pmf/home.shtml

    From what I could tell on average, for a masters degree holding teacher starting you will be in the 35000-45000. It is highly dependent on the school district. You need to realize, however, that because in the US most (all?) teachers (non-university) are forced to be in a workers union. This union negotiates contracts for you. This is both good and bad. They set a minimum salary for someone with X years experience and Y amount of post graduate credits/degrees. What this does is makes it harder for the school district to hire someone with more education because they will cost more and every school district that is publicly funded (and most that are private also) are very heavily constrained by their budgets.
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    Most if not all school districts in the US have a salary schedule that has the form
    www.pausd.org/community/downloads/employment/TeacherSalary.pdf[/URL]. (This district is well-off in an expensive area, so the numbers are higher than average.)

    And technically, you don't *have* to join the union... you *do* have to pay dues and be bound by the contract they negotiate though, so it isn't much of a distinction. (Apparently, you can ask for a refund of the portion of the dues that go to political activity.)
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    Uk salaries are usually £20 000 - £35 000, depending on location and experience. You might get more with a lectureship at a college. A college is not a university by the way.

    http://www.tda.gov.uk/Recruit/lifeasateacher/payandbenefits.aspx [Broken]
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    I am curious about cost of living differences between UK and US.

    The UK salary range is significantly higher (when converted to USD) than US salaries for equivalent positions. At the low end, public school teachers with bachelor's degrees and no experience (first year) earn mid to high $20k. At the high end, mid to high $30k, perhaps up to $40k at the extreme.

    Also, be aware that licensing of teachers is at the state level in the US, and you may need to complete coursework or take exams in order to receive a license. Sometimes you can accept a position on a provisional or restricted license until you have satisfied the requirements of the state.
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    I think generally the cost of living in the UK is usually more than the US except for perhaps New York or LA or other similar cities(which will be similar to London for living costs).
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    Starting salary for a teacher in Australia VIC/NSW is $56,000 total package (includes 9% super)

    Goes up to about $75,000 after a 8 years and tutoring can pay a mint, $36 an hour or so.

    More for a masters and for taking on leadership.

    Depending on the school you end up you could be working less than 30 hours a week.
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