Temperature Coefficient of Plain Carbon Steel Gr 1000 to 1095

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Dear Experts,
I am looking for the variation of magnetic permeability of the plain carbon steel wire grade 1000 to 1095 with respect to the ambient temperature ranging from -40 deg C to 200 deg C. Any leads will be appreciated. Thank you!!


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I would expect the magnetic permeability to vary more due to magnetic flux than due to temperature. Do you want the tempco of initial permeability or the maximum permeability.
Maybe this will be of use; http://nvlpubs.nist.gov/nistpubs/bulletin/12/nbsbulletinv12n1p1_a2b.pdf

There is also a question of material processing, is the wire hard drawn or annealed.
"Magnetic Behavior of Plain Carbon Steels as A Function of Applied Stress and Strain Conditions".
matweb.com, perhaps?

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