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Temperature, humidity and gas sealed box

  1. Feb 13, 2017 #1

    I'm working on my thesis and I need to calibrate some gas sensors that I'm building.

    I need controlled conditions(temp, RH and a known gas concentration) in order to calibrate the sensors.

    I'd love to know some idea to make a sealed box in which I trace and vary those parameter.

    I've been thinking about buying tailor-made cristals and trying to find some kind of plastic/resin to fill the gap between them. To control temperature and humidity I could use a temperature and humidity sensor. I could use some kind of valve to introduce the neccesary amount of air inside the box. Anyway, this is just a quick approach and it may not even work.

    Do you have any idea about how to make it? At least how to make a small part of it(For example how to vary humidity)?

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    Consider an air / mixed gas reservoir chamber with controlled pressure, temperature and 100% RH from free water. Then change the pressure and or temperature of that air as it departs the reservoir chamber and enters the smaller test chamber. Circulate the test chamber air mix back to the reservoir. Pumps, turbines and/or heat exchangers may be needed to increase the efficiency of the system.
    By juggling P and T with 100% RH, between the reservoir and test chamber you can control your test parameters.
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