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Tension question!

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    If i have a block (b) and attach a string and pull it to the right. in what direction will the tension be?

    (b)------->me pulling to the right

    is the tension of the string to the right cause that is the way i am pulling or is the tension in the string to the left because that is the direction the block is resisting the pull?

    thank you..... just trying to understand tension for my exam tomorrow :biggrin:
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    To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction...
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    So would the tension in the string be to the left then in the direction the block is resisting the force?

    thanks :)
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    Hi mybrohshi5! :smile:
    Tension acts both ways.

    Imagine a tiny litle bit of the string … it's in equilibrium, so the total external forces on it are zero …

    the only forces are its weight (usually negligible), and the pulling force at each end.

    That force at each end is the tension, T … you can see it acts in both directions! :smile:

    If you pull a string with a block on the other end, and the tension is T, then the force on you is T towards the block, and the force on the block is T towards you. :wink:
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    there is tension in the string pointing towards the direction its pulling and in the opposite is usually static or kinetic friction, depends if the object is moving or not.
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