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Test for Cooling Capacity

  1. Nov 16, 2015 #1
    I've created a small liquid cooler and would like to test for it's cooling capacity. The only way I know of doing it is to circulate the coolant into a small reservoir with a heating element and apply power adding heat till the cooling unit is maxed out holding at a predetermined temperature. Then calculating the wattage by volts * amps. The test equipment would be well insulated to minimize transient heat. Is there a better way or off the shelf apparatus to do this?
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    You could just run hot water from a tap/faucet through the cooler. To calculate the capacity in Watts you would need to measure the steady state input and output temperatures and the flow rate.

    Capacity of cooler = Specific heat capacity of water * Temperature difference * flow rate

    Edit: Ideally the input water temperature would be close to the temperature you expect the cooler to normally operate at in the real system.
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