Testing the piezoelectric properties of Quartz Crystals

  1. Hello :)

    I am Jon and I am conducting an experiment with Quartz Crystals to test their piezoelectric properties. I wanted to ask you a question about my experiment set up.

    Which type of force is required to be applied for voltage to be produced? Could I apply a compressive force with clamps on one end of the crystal, and wrap a long piece of copper wire on its other end so to measure the voltage produced.

    Could you please advise me if I am carrying out the experiment correctly? What kind of a force do we have to apply to Quartz Crystals for a voltage to be produced?

    Please advise me on my experiment set up.

    Thank you very much!
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    It is probably easiest with a repeating force - so carefully glue the piezo crystal to a small speaker.

    As for attachments, disassemble a cheap microphone - you will find a small piezo inside.

    Here is a homebrew piezo club:
  4. Thank you!
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    Just click the "Thanks" button. :)
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