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Homework Help: Textbook defines coupling capacitor

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    textbook defines "coupling capacitor"

    just curious...
    my textbook defines "coupling capacitor" as "ideally appears as an open to dc and as a short to ac."
    but what does that have to do with "couple" in the english sense?
    i'm not an electronics major, but i'm taking a course in electric circuits, so i don't know if that term has some special meaning in ee?
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    Coupling with respect to capacitor or inductor refers to coupling/connect one circuit to another, so that the output (voltage/current) of one circuit is the input of the other circuit.

    In a transformer, the coils in one arm (inductor) induce a voltage/current in another coil (inductor) attached to the same magnetic circuit by virtue of a time varying (usually AC) current.

    An single inductor connected passes both DC and AC

    A capacitor passes AC, but not DC.
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    thank you very much!!! :)
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