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The AHI inperpretation of Quantum Mechanics

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    These days, there is here a debate concerning a (not so) new interpretation of the nature of the wave function in quantum mechanics, called “AHI” which stands for “Aristotle Heisenberg Interpretation”.

    The author says it had been proposed by W. Heisenberg some years after the second world war. He also says that this interpretation can be a solution to the debate between the objective and realistic interpretation of the “Everettans”, and the subjective Copenhagen Interpretation. The main idea consists in considering that the ontological status of the wave function corresponds to what Aristotle named “potentia”, an intermediate state between being, and non-being. This theory could lead both to the realistic objective interpretation, and to the Copenhagen interpretation, and somehow, reconcile them.

    The author also pledges for a sort of mutual understanding and communication between science and philosophy, claiming that, at least before the war, in Europe, and especially in Germany, the great physicists, like Einstein or Heisenberg, and others, were interested in philosophy, at least as much as in science, and their new revolutionary theories were based on philosophical points of view (generally some variant of positivism). It’s only after the war that a new point of view emerged in physics, pushing philosophical questions out of the scientific debate, and promoting the famous principle “shut up and calculate”.

    The (English version) of the book is available at : http://www.lulu.com/content/501037

    The 10 first pages of the book are available by clicking on Preview this book

    I would be interested in having your opinion ...

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