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The automatic fruit depositor

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    This marvel of modern enginuity consists of a slated conveyor, two slats hold the exact amount for one trifle, an operator sweeps the soft fruit (berries) from a fixed tray into the slats, the berries travel along the conveyor and drop down chutes into the trifle cups, simple yes.
    Only imagine this, the berries are stored at minus 15c, they are taken out of the freezer and start to thaw in the minus 5c room temperature, the conveyor is situated directly under one of the chiller units, so what happens? the slightly thawed berries re freeze on contact with the conveyor and stick to it, now imagine what happens when the berries are still on the conveyor when it is on its return travel ( the berries are now upside down on the conveyor) yes they tend to fall out, the ones that manage to get all the way back to the drive end tend to get chewed up , after an hour trying to get this thing to work every one within 10 Yard's of the thing looked like they worked in a slaughter house, the berries on the floor got traipsed all over and made it like a skating rink, two people slipped and had to go home to get changed.
    And i said at the start it will be a disaster, what is the best way to get berry juice out of clothing?
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    Sounds like your company is running despite the people in charge of running it.

    An enzyme pre-soak and detergent will help, but I don't think you'll completely get rid of the satins on colored clothing. Bleach will help on white clothing ( that can be bleached).
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    Sounds like you need a heat plate at a point just before the deposit to remelt the product enough for it to drop into the cake.
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    Ye gads glondor, do you want a job, it may be you are over educated for the position, and could you cope with Mr burns (from the Simpsons) type characters?
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    hehehe, Sorry for stating the obvious. Can't do the Burns type very well. I do however enjoy solving problems.
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    How about a small bank of heat lamps over the conveyor? Would that be enough to free the berries from the chilled slats?
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    Unfortunately they have spent their budget on development for this year, i have been instrumental may be in a small part, in developing packaging machinery for 20yrs can i be relied on to give give to give some input? it seems not, sales men are in control, and they are totally out of reality, long live sales men, not.
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