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The average load current,I(dc) and the rms load current,I(rms) ?

  1. Mar 3, 2009 #1
    "the average load current,I(dc)" and "the rms load current,I(rms)"?

    What is the different between
    "the average load current,I(dc)" and "the rms load current,I(rms)"?
    I am very confuse with rms and dc >.<
    same with V(dc) ,V(rms),P(rms), P(dc) ....
    Help TT
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    Re: Circuits

    I'm not quite sure what you're trying to ask here, could you expand on this a bit more please? Then I may be able to help.
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    Re: Circuits

    Sometime when i was doing tutorial..
    the question provide current(I) in order to find another information.
    but i do not how to determine the current given in the question is I(dc) or I(rms).
    I do not know how to differential them via the key word in the question.
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