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The best books you suggest for (i)signals and systems (ii)electronic devices

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    I've just started my [signals and systems] and [electronic devices and circuits] this sem...and i am learning that signals and systems topics are the core and fundamental concepts required for a electronic communication engineer...
    though i havent found a great book that covers all the topics as "classically" simply and fundamentally as they ought to be..especially for electronic-devices-components, the phenomena in various devices such as bjt's fet's scr's arent well explained...all i could find are summaries of the points...so i'm desperately in search of atleast a book for each of the topics...

    a book for electronic-devices-components - "the art of electronics"- by paul horrowitz and winfield hill ... is it really that great?
    thanks in advance..
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    Re: the best books u suggest for (i)signals and systems (ii)electronic devices

    Dear Bassalisk, thanks alot!! Ive made my mind to own the 'alan oppenheim' for SS..can you name any other books for electronic principles?
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    Re: the best books u suggest for (i)signals and systems (ii)electronic devices

    Well Electronic principles is the book which covers everything that you will need to understand electric circuits.

    Book is really well made. But other than Malvino, Electric Circuits by Nilsson is not bad if you are going to need basics for high voltage subjects.

    Other than Electronic principles, I use google a lot. But like I said, this book is really well made.
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