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The Death Paradox of Time Travel

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    Just suppose that Time Travel can be done. Now, suppose as you are traveling in either direction, i.e., the past or future, you were to die. What would happen? Would you die in the time from which you originally existed or in the time at which you presently exist in your travels? If so, say, you were still alive where you currently are and were unaware that you had died in your original place in Time. Then, when you attempted to "return" to your original starting point, at the moment of your return arrival you instantly "died", as you had already done so. Or, if you were to die, then you would instantly die wherever you were, the past or future. Or (this just keeps going and going) perhaps you would be unable to return to your originating point (because you had died) by some sort of paradoxial barrier, thereby having to remain in either the "past" or "future", whichever point you were currently in.
    What are your opinions on this possibility?
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Either time travel [beyond the kind that we all do] is impossible, in which case any paradoxes as such have no meaning, or time travel is possible, in which case we don't know how to resolve temporal paradoxes. Currently the only hope for an explanation comes from the Many Worlds Theory, but this is speculative at best.
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