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The Equation for Volumetric Flow Rate?

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    I'm not sure how to clearly express my query, so I'll round up the gist of it. I understand that this is an entry level question.

    I was told that, in order to calculate Volume Flow Rate (VFR), I would use these equations:

    * Q = Velocity * Area [EQUATION 1]
    * Q = Volume / Time [EQUATION 2]
    Units: m^3 / s

    ^Do I use both equations? Are they both deemed correct or only one and which one?
    ^Can you give an example problem or scenario in which I would use the appropriate equation?
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    Example: You have a pipe with a diameter of 400mm. Water flows through the pipe at a velocity of 1 m/s. Determine how many liters you would have collected in a minute?

    Use your equation as you mentioned and come up with a solution, don't et sidetracked by the units, do the first principals correctly...
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    @WillemBouwer Correct?

    Prompt: A pipe has a diameter of .4 meters. Water flows through the pipe at 1 m/s. Determine how many liters (water) you would have collected in a minute?

    Radius: .2 meters (m)
    Vinitial: 1 m/s
    Volume: ?
    Time: 60 seconds

    Q = V * A
    Q = 1 * (∏(.22))
    Q = 0 .1256637061 m3/s

    --> Q = V / T
    .1256637061 = V / 60
    Volume = 7.539822369 m3 or
    7.539822369 * 1000 = 7,539.822369 L

    1 m3 = 1000 Liters (L)
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    There you go... Using the equation right...
    The second equation is just an explaining of the units or terminology, Volume flowrate is exactly that, m^3/s, volume over time. But the first equation is the most commonly used.

    However when you get a question, make sure to answer the question as asked with units, always remember your units... But you understand the principal! Cool beans...

    So, how many liters per minute?
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    It should be on there.
    7,539.822369 L ?
    Thank you very much Mr. Bouwer. (:
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    No problem. I see it shows now, didn't the previous one, haha. good job though, correct answer...
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