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The First Weapon Of Mass Destruction

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    Nazism was the first weapon of mass destruction and it was levelled against communism in Germany and Europe. When the nazis were on the brink of power the ruling classes pushed them over the brink with their hatred, fear and derision of working class gains in Germany and Europe at the time. Rebellion to capitalism was spreading and the ruling classes wanted a solution. Nazism is a reactionary derivative of capitalism and nothing else. It only exists in capitalism. Malcolm X always said 'you can't have capitalism without racism'.
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    That doesn't make a whole lot of sense. A weapon is a specific item. An object, not a concept.

    And the rise of Naziism had/has nothing to do with capitalism.
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    A weapon is not just a physical item, ie; propaganda as a weapon. Something used to defeat an enemy. But lets not play semantics, it wasn't the nature of this thread. Nazism can only exist in a capitalist world. Tell me what mean when you say it has nothing to do with it?
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    Nazi Germany wasn't capitalist. It was fascist. There's a huge difference.
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    Fascism and Capitalism are hardly exclusive of eachother.
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    Yah there is a huge difference. One is not even an economic system!
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    That's true. You know what else is? Tyrany can only exist in a government world.

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    The first weapon of mass destruction was the human brain!!!!!!
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    Your mom's fascist! ...last night.
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