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The habitable planets

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    Authors: Barrie W Jones, P Nick Sleep, David R Underwood
    Comments: Being refereed

    We have used the measured properties of the stars in the known exoplanetary systems to estimate their present habitability, and compared the outcome with earlier work, where we used a stellar evolution model to determine habitability throughout the main-sequence phase. This is to see whether the results are sensitive to stellar properties. The stellar properties in both pieces of work have been used to determine the present location of the classical habitable zone (HZ). To establish habitability, we estimate the critical distances from the giant planet(s) within which an Earth-mass planet would suffer large orbital changes. We then evaluate the present habitability of each exoplanetary system by examining the penetration of these critical distances into the HZ. For the present population of exoplanetary systems the results are insensitive to whether the evolutionary stellar model is used or measured stellar properties.
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    Frankly my dear, I'm not sure what discussion you are asking for?
    For their own good reasons, the monitors for this site keep warning me off for failing to supply sources for my opinions. I'm a satirist, unfortunately a lazy satirist. So I don't do sources.

    Are you seeking to discuss the methodology of research into exoplanets?

    Or, do you wish to discuss speculated possibilities for Earth-type worlds?

    Perhaps you want to discuss how to sort out all the conflicting floods of data, unverified evidence and bogus claims?

    My preference would be to debate the moral and ethical standards we need to consider for every Human endeavor. A whole lot of people are willing to rationalize genocide against alien biospheres for a quick buck.

    However, that dispute does not seem to be cogent to this site.
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    I dare to assume that the OP doesn't know anymore, what exactly he wanted to discuss after more than ten years.
    Yep, that would be a discussion for someone's hairdresser.

    Thread closed.
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