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    Post any thing you want to build but have not time/resources to do so,

    I want to build a three wheeled electric powered car, i have ideas to make it a practical home build project, first the body will be a monoquoc made from ply wood, the front suspension will be a (unit) that bolts to the body, and the rear suspension/ drive will be a (unit) that bolts to the body, the motor, motor controller and batteries are all ready sorted ,as much as possible i want to use parts salvaged from other vehicles.
    A range of 50 miles and 50 MPH would be a base line for performance, any thing over would be a bonus, carrying two people with room for shopping.
    Road legal? well i have to look into that.
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  3. I think someone else already did that wolram...
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    Jeez... too many to mention. I guess that the hovercraft and the nasty rebuild for the Roadrunner would be tied for second place. First would be my underground home.
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    The Sinclair C5 lives ......
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    That is far to high tec, the idea is to create plans for an electric car that could be put together in ones garage in a couple of weeks, i have the basic ideas, the body would go together like a pre formed aeroplane kit.
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  8. How much is a WarP motor? I figured if you were able to salvage a motor out a similar forklift and considering your chassis will be lighter, you should be able to hit the 50mph speed mark. Theirs was 40mph with a heavier chassis than you plan on using.

    What are the road laws like in your area?
  9. lisab

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    A timber framed house. Here's a picture of just the frame:


  10. wolram

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    Is it an optical illusion or are some of those timbers off vertical.
  11. wolram

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    Good point, i will reconsider, as for the law i need to look in to it.
  12. lisab

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    Hey now! You're knocking my dream here!

    Actually, I had to re-size the picture several times...could that have warped it a bit?
  13. wolram

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    May be drooling over the photo warped the timbers.

    It is a cool looking start.
  14. I've been dying to build a radio telescope in the backyard using a 12 foot dish as an antenna for long time now. Something simple at first, it would consist of a homebrew hydrogen line receiver at 1.4 GHz to study traces of hydrogen in space. Later I could upgrade it to receive other frequencies.

    I've also wanted to build a particle accelerator. Something up to 5 MeV to smash protons into targets. I've actually attempted to build one using a hand held vacuum pump and a cheap high voltage power supply, but the highest energy attained was less than 20 KeV, but it was enough to excite green glowing phosphorus.

    Other projects I have in mind is to build a millimeter wave transmitter in 100 GHz range, but that's pushing it.
  15. I want to build a Hobbit Hole someday. I'll use 11 foot concrete tubes. Which would give 3 feet of crawl space and a standard 8 foot ceiling.

    I'd also like to make a hovercraft. I'd use a very large innertube, a lawnmower engine, and a few pieces of plywood.
  16. I want to build a guitar amp, a bass amp, an electronic drum set, and a PA into a car or van. The drums will be in the passenger seat. One other way to do it would be to just have a computer built in with an audio interface including 2 line ins for the E drum module, two instrument pres, and a mic pre. Then all the sound through one speaker and amp system. That way I could run it through pro tools, and even use VST plugins to shape the sounds of each instrument, and It would also be a recording studio.
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  17. I also want to build a lab and room to grow mushrooms, and to do plant tissue culture in.
  18. Lisab, do you notice your the only woman in here? LOL, but thats alright, I think you once said that you wanted to make a hobbit hole as well?
  19. lisab

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    I'm used to it - I'm the only woman at my work, too :smile:.

    Yes, I love the hobbit hole idea! One of my ideas is to build a house that has rooms that transition from totally underground to completely outside.

    I don't know why but I have obsessions about homes. Timber frame, post and beam, all kinds of construction...and I really like unusual interiors, beyond the traditional family room - kitchen - dining room layout. Is it any wonder I work testing building materials?!? In my job I get to see a lot of new and/or experimental construction. Most won't make it to the marketplace. but there's a lot of inovation going on - very cool to see.
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    My dream project is rather modest, to build a solar water heater.
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