The process in Electrostatic Precipitator

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Hi all,

Can anyone describe for me the detailed the process in the electrostatic precipitator? Like once the voltage is on, how the dusts react? Would ionization happen? Is there any existing mathematical modeling for describing the process? thanks.

Yes, I looked it up after I posted the thread. But I didn't find what I wanted.

What I would like to know is the reaction of the fluids under different strength of voltage. Maybe I just specify what I want to ask:

For two electrodes, if a weak voltage difference is applied, what will be the reaction of the dusts? Is polarization the right physical process?
If the voltage difference becomes stronger, then, is ionization following? What about a even higher voltage difference and a very high one?
For all of these physics, could you tell me the correct mathematical modeling?

Thanks all.


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