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The shape of space-time and physical constants

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    I am wondering if anyone knows of research being done, or theories that are related to the actual structure of space-time as they are related to physical constants such as the speed of light, Planck's constant, and the cosmological constant. I'm far from being a expert, but I've been playing around with some unusual geometrical related concepts for many years, and have found there are a family of interesting shapes (higher dimensional in nature) that, when formed into a manifold, actually very accurately yield these physical constants. (and even when extrapolated, predicts quite nicely the shape of electron orbitals!) I was at first quite excited by this discovery, but am guessing now that this is well known by those more highly trained in such things...

    Any information on these topics would be greatly appreciated...
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    If you are interested in such correlations between constants and space-time; i suggest you take a look at Lie algebra of group E8, I've heard that there is a physicist trying to come up with a GUT with that model.
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