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The significance of material science and technology

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    Hi people,
    Firstly I want to state that it will be my first message in this forum, I am new around here. I am studying electronical engineering, second year student. I am kind of interested in nanotechnology, hence I am trying to add the course whose name is "Material Science and Technology" eventhough the cirruculum of engineering does not contain that class which is in fact belongt to chemistry department. I would be really gladful if you guys inform me about the things that the class might contribute to my knowledge or the necessity of the class for the student of electronical engineering.
    Thank you all..
    Have a nice day..
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    Ask the professor for a course syllabus. I took basic materials science (mostly an introduction to metalurgy) and semiconductor devices (quantum electronics, field and waves, and material science). Both courses have proven useful in my work as an engineer and patent expert. Find the professor with knowledge in an area and ask a few questions. I used to go to my Semiconductor Prof during office hours, and he said, "You ask good questions, so I want you to ask these in class." I went to work after graduation and the guy sitting next to me said, "Hey, you were in my Semiconductors class? No offense, but you asked a lot of stupid questions!"
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    Thanks for your answer. I already tried to reach the professor in order to ask critical questions about the reliability of the course by e-mail and face-to-face, but I could not access to him neither way. That's why I open the topic to get knowledge from experienced people like you. Funny situation you went through, by the way. :)
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