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The stiffness matrix in matrix analysis of strutures

  1. Jul 12, 2006 #1
    I require a detailed understanding of the stiffness matrix in the analysis of
    rods,beams et

    In the beginning of stiffness matrix derivation the textbooks say

    force at ith degree of freedom(dof) to hold unit displacement at jth dof when all other dofs are zero.

    let us analyse this statement step by step

    let me take a rod and fix one end and push the other end by unit distance ,the spring will then exer a force equal to the stiffness. (step1)

    This is the stiffness at ith dof due to unit displacement at ith dof.

    the confusing part
    Now the theory says push the jth dof by 1 unit distance and what force is required at ith dof to hold this j th displacement.(step2)

    The final say by the theory is that the force reqd at ith dof is the stiffness arrived from step1+the stiffness arrived from step2

    any cay explain the step 2 part.
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