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The tour of calculus

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    i have to do a report of this book but it is soo confusing!! im lost what the author is trying to say. he is using to profound of a language for me to understand what he is saying? can anyone help me out please? thank you!
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    its actually called "the tour of the calculus" sorry
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    Math Is Hard

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    Not everyone has this book, so you'll need to give more information about which parts are confusing you.
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    I read that book when I was in high school. I agree that the author seems rather pompous. It isn't a very good book in my opinion...
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    can you help me out please? my aim is avf073190
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    Math Is Hard

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    cove111, please post the questions and instructions for the assignment you PM'd me here.
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    Probably the best calculus book I've read is Calculus the Easy Way. They explain things in the dummiest fashion possible, which is exactly the way things ought to be taught.

    You could probably just skim that book and use it to weasel your other book report together.
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    there are 4 questions from i can choose.

    1) discuess the characteristics and roles of the key players in devolping mathematics from geometry and counting to irrational numers and coninuity

    2) choose 3-5 metaphors that stand out the most in your mind from the reading and interprety their mathematical meanings

    3) why doe you think Berkinski begins the book with Zeno'a Paradoz? What signnificance does it have and how does it relate to the bigger pictre?

    4) Berinkski give many example of mathematical inventions througout history. Disuss there invetntions particularly in light of the fact that we now at the pre cal and calulus level, take many of them for granted
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