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The tragic fate of a frozen moose!

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    I didn't realize how they make frozen mousse. I'm never going to order it again.
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    Hah! :rofl:
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    You might want to avoid the baked Alaska too. Don't ask why.
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    I must have learned Norwedish somewhere along the line. I can understand the story title perfectly: "ENDTE I TRAGEDIE".
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    This was probably one of those silly "challenge problems" where you have to measure the mass or a car or the depth of a pond without using any tools.

    In this case, the depth was about 0.97 meece, or whatever the plural or moose is in norweedish.
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    Can't believe they went through with it.
    A group of teen meese put thoes antlers out there on the thin ice knowing Bud was going to be in the area.
    They been looking for Bud. :devil:

    http://www.northernlightsoutfitting.com/images/moose-page.jpg [Broken]
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    A Møøse once bit my sister...
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    Mr.& Mrs Moose are terrible sorry about that. They say that moose is a Disgrace to the Race.
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    Frozen mousse=moosicle
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